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Data Structures and Algorithms

Data structures and algorithms is a very crucial part of computer science. Most of the software's or programs that we use today store and perform operations on data. Data is group of techniques for elementary, efficient and secure ways of storing data in memory. An algorithm, on the other hand, can be defined as a series of actions that enables us to manipulate information in order to achieve useful or desired results. Simple operations like Sorting, searching are examples of the algorithms used very frequently packaged into almost all existing development platforms.

Data structures is classified into two categories:

  • Primitive Data Structures: It involves float, Boolean char etc that are used to store data.
  • Abstract Data Structures: Graphs, Trees, Linked Lists etc that are used to store large and connected information are part of this category. They are complex data structure

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Groups of instructions that are used to execute a program using abovementioned data structures. It can be demonstrated as high level description for example, pseudo code by utilizing a flow chart. Algorithm's efficiency depends on following two factors:

1. Space Complexity: The measure of space needed by an algorithm to run code of a program. It is further classified into 3 types:

  • Data Space
  • Instruction Space
  • Environment Space

2. Time Complexity: The time elapsed or taken by an algorithm to run a program code.

Importance of Data Structure and Algorithms course

Data Structures and algorithms are part of almost all software, program or operating system that we use. Different types of data structures have different properties and right data structure are basic elements of numerous proficient calculations and enables the management of tremendous measures of information. A Data structure is, for the most part, a relationship of information components clubbed together less than one name and these information components are alluded to as individuals having diverse lengths and types. There are numerous available data structures appropriate for various sorts of uses and furthermore, some exceedingly particular data structures are accessible reasonable to particular assignments. Data structures give a channel to oversee tremendous measures of information effectively for its applications like web ordering administrations and colossal databases. Information structures are underscored as opposed to calculations by some programming dialects and some formal outline techniques as a key organizing component in planning programming. Both putting away and recovering can be performed on the data stored in both optional and primary memory.

The following is the list of areas in which data structures are applied extensively:

  • Operating system
  • Graphics
  • Compiler Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Simulation
  • Database Management System
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis Package

Skills required for completing a Data Structures and Algorithms assignment

Good theoretical knowledge of different concepts is needed to complete a quality project in this field. Implementation of simple structures like Linked list, heaps, hashes and binary trees to bit complex structures like AVL tree. Knowledge and use of Sorting algorithm, Graph algorithms, Computation Limits and Approximate Algorithms is considered important for algorithm analysis. Study of data structures and algorithms do not mandatorily require knowledge in programming languages. But for its practical implementation of solving problems knowledge of any one language like Python can help. The elementary operations used are added, first, last, locate, delete etc. The usage of an information structure for the most part requires composing an arrangement of strategies that make and control occasions of that structure which helps in examining the productivity of information structures.

Difficulties encountered while writing Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment

Data structures and algorithms are basic of every program ever written in this world. It is very diverse field. A programming job can usually be completed in more than one ways, i.e. by choosing more than one combination of structure and algorithm. But what is important is the right method as decision hugely impacts the scalability efficacy and efficiency. In order to complete an assignment on DS&A basic knowledge of Theory of computation, Hash functions, Algorithm design, Algorithm analysis, hash tables, Graph algorithms, searching and sorting techniques, graph data structure, Equivalence relations, trees, recursion of algorithms, linked lists, stacks and queues is needed. Learning all these concepts requires time, a good logical reasoning and mathematical knowledge. Even after having a proper knowledge of these concepts a student may not be able to get an optimal solution as it involves practice.

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