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It is a very popular web application framework which was originally developed by Microsoft so that the programmers could build the dynamic web sites. It provides us with a feature to use another language which itself is a full-fledged language e.g. C# or VB.NET. These are the languages that are used to build the web applications.

Importance of ASP .NET Course

It's a programming language that reduces the code to a great extent that we require to build web pages. When we build the applications using ASP.Net our application remain secured and safe. It definitely helps us to bring simplicity in the code that we write and is even simple for the clients to understand. The ASP.Net code is always easier to maintain and is even easy for the deployment. Being language independent framework, it poses many benefits for the developers. It is very easy to work with ADO.Net when we use ASP.Net as it provides us with the data binding and page formatting features. Since the code actually runs on the server side, hence there is a lot of flexibility involved with the code. This course is in high demand as per the industry needs.

Why students should prefer to join ASP .NET programming course?

Students should be encouraged to undergo the programming course on ASP.Net as it is a course which is in high demand these days when we see the industry scenario. Due to the high demand the industries are offering very high salary packages to the people who are willing to make an entry in this domain. This domain is proving to be really helpful for distributed application development, due to which many organizations are using it these days. The best part of this course is that it is not restricted to only script languages, it helps us to make use of .NET languages like C#,J#,VB etc. Hence, it is gaining a lot of popularity among the students these days.

Skills required for completing ASP .NET programming course assignment?

One who is going to take this course is required to do some homework to successfully be a part of this course as well as assignment. One should first learn the technologies namely HTML, CSS, AJAX etc. Along with these languages one should also learn C#, Visual Basic.Net, Jscript and J# because these are the languages that ASP.Net actually uses to write the codes. Student should definitely know about the basic concepts of computer programming so that if he encounters any of the errors while coding he should be able to rectify it. They should most importantly know the importance of submitting the assignment on time and also in 100% original sense. They should understand that the code should not be copied or pasted from any of the sources.

Difficulties encountered while writing ASP .NET programming assignment?

Few concepts are really complex in ASP.Net which students find very tough to understand and apply them in terms of practical sense. .NET Interoperation services, Client side programming that includes HTTP, CGI, Cookies, JavaScript, HTML, XML etc., Server side programming that includes topics like Web forms, ASP.NET web services, ADO.NET data access, 3-tier architecture, .NET Remoting, RESTful,SOAP, DISCO, UDDI, Software as a Service (SaaS) are few of the typical topics of the ASP.Net framework that one should really pay attention to and should spend a wise time in understanding them in a very deep sense. These days it is even required that students should know how to develop ASP.NET framework to build distributed enterprise applications. They should even be able to develop ASP.Net web services, secure web services and .NET remoting applications. So these above mentioned topics are little critical to be understood and apply them using some integrated development environment.

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