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Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication

            Integrated Marketing Communication is a business tool which is of international standards maintained for the consolidation and merger of communication from all aspects and divisions.  For the harmonious integration of all professional working techniques and tools, it is vital that communication should be linked with various marketing subdivisions in a concern.  Integration within the organization should be such that communication be established from all levels, say vertical, horizontal and integration of data such that better growth prospects are envisaged within the concern by involving all personnel of the organization, from top management to the lower rungs. 

Horizontal communication is most feasible in terms of communication with external agencies when a particular level personnel deal with people present outside the concern or from any other organization to establish business deals and marketing proposals. 

Vertical integration occurs within the organization between top and lower cadres such that whatever information has to be dissipated from either levels follow a channel of communication and approvals are obtained for any changes within the organization for the proper management of the concern. 

Data integration involves individual departments, namely, sales, marketing, production, stores, and so on, to share data among themselves for better amalgamation and co-ordination between the various activities in an organization.

Through Integrated Marketing several benefits accrue for the institution such as loyalty with customers, integrated communication leading to better control of the internal and external processes, better fiscal and financial management capabilities and enables economizing the finances of a concern. 

Difficulties encountered in writing Integrated Marketing Communication assignment or assessments?

                        The framing of proper assessments and assignments for Integrated Marketing Communication should include all concepts of the communication principles which are vital for maintaining network within the organization as well as to bring about customer or client satisfaction.  This could be achieved through proper planning and implementation of the programs.  Writing on such aspects of communication and integration requires proper knowledge on those concepts and in-depth experience in the related marketing strategies which will be lacking among students as they are not competent enough to involve in such presentations. 

Another aspect which students might encounter while writing assessments based on Integrated Marketing Communication is the facilitation of references which might be present in those areas which will enable the students to come out with better modules or write ups.  Students, due to their lack of exposure to such scholarly writing cannot judge information available on the internet and categorize them as authentic or legitimate and illegal.  If they chance upon any plagiaristic content, they should know how to avoid such and go for original writing. 

The principles of Marketing Communication should be understood with clarity by students in order to involve themselves in such presentations of assessments or assignments on Integrated Marketing Communications which form the vital task force for the completion of the work within the stipulated time frame with no or less deviation from the topic.

Bringing out favorable outcomes of assessments is important to determine whether the student has been involved in successful completion of the assignment.  This will be another crisis faced by students who cannot assure that the outcome of marketing communication will always be in a favorable manner. 

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To overcome the factors of inconsistency and incapability among the students in the completion of the assignment on Integrated Marketing Communication, it is mandatory that they seek help and guidance from online assignment writing service providers. The service provider websites provide help through learned and experienced tutors who will be experts in Integrated Marketing Communication and will accomplish the vital tasks of writing assignments in a simple manner. 

They will also serve as reference modules, where clarifying doubts of students could be done with ease. Through their experience and exposure, they will properly expedite the process of acquiring information on the topics and also assess whether the writings of the students are of the acceptable level. 

Those in dire necessity of submitting their assignments but find dearth of time can also contact the tutors through the websites who will spare time and effort to consolidate the work and complete it on time so that the students will benefit from quality work as well as timely submissions. 

It is however essential that these tutors are contacted through authentic and genuine website service providers who would have verified the credentials of the tutors before recruiting them so that the students can have confidence on the manner in which they present information and guide the students towards better writing strategies. 

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