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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the core branch which has evolved way back in 19th century. It deals with the concepts of electricity and provides learning of various technologies related to electricity. Electrical engineering deals with all the basic and advanced components, devices, and systems, from small and big microchips, wires, oscillators, generators, household and commercial electrical components. All the major power generators stand still on the back of electrical engineering. Many scientists and researchers have given their contribution in the field of electrical engineering. Law of induction, thermodynamics, current and voltage are some of the most important inventions in this field. The advent of the modern age is marked by the introduction of electricity to homes, businesses, and industry, all of which were made possible by electrical engineers. Since its inception, the arena of electrical engineering has rapidly developed and forked out several of specializations that include power generation and transmission systems, motors, batteries and control systems. Electronics is also now a day has become one of the sub-branches of electrical engineering.Electronics is also subcategorized into various branches like radio frequency system popularly known as RF, telecommunications, remote sensing, geospatial sensing, signal and data processing, digital data transmission, digital circuits, and instrumentation engineering.

 Importance of Electrical Engineering Course or assignments

Electricity has become one of the most important assets in any developing and developed country;it has made human life very simple and easy. Every work now a day can be carried out with the help of machines and automation which require electricity. This has made electrical engineering very important because the society is demanding a lot of new inventions in the field of electrical engineering. Technological changes in the entire field have made a lot of interventions in the field of science. Technology has even had agood impact in electrical engineering as a lot of automation is done to simplify the work of electrical engineers. An electrical engineer has the responsibility of designing, developing, testing, maintaining the electrical devices and components such as motors, radars, generators etc. This field is even responsible for themanufacturing of electrical conductors, coils, batteries, switches, resistors, capacitors, induction coils, transistors, and diodes. All these components are heavily used in any electrical systems, and this makes electrical engineering very important.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving electrical engineering problems/assessments

Electrical engineering is considered to be a very complex course because it involves theuse of many critical skills and in-depth knowledge of various theories of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering problems also demand knowledge of mathematics at large because all the electrical circuits and electrical system models are based on the mathematical theory. Knowledge of designing a circuit is also very complex for students as many complex components of electrical engineering are involved in designing it. Maintaining the safety while working with the electrical systems is also of prime importance and difficult to understand. Working with the hardware also requires agood skill set and which is lacking in most of the electrical engineering students. They face a lot of difficulties while using the hardware components. Another very important and complex part of this course is theuse of computer aided designing. Problems based on creating schematics circuit layout is averydifficult to process to perform because it needs knowledge of CAD systems to simulate the design before real implementation on board.

Few important tips to solve these problems

Knowledge of basic concepts of science is required to solve the electrical engineering problems. One should have good control on the mathematics to solve the electrical circuits and analyze the design. For designing the electrical circuit a PCB based technology can be used to simplify the process. Automation based solution using the CAD systems allow for quick and easy modifications of designs and rapid prototyping using CNC machines.

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