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Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is a branch related to mechanical engineering which is also called as automotive engineering. The inception of this branch has evolved with the development of automobiles in the automobile industry. All the transportation vehicles that are capable of transporting goods from one place to the other are built upon the concepts of automobile engineering. With the increase in the manufacturing of vehicles in the automobile industry, the demand for an automobile or automotive engineer has increased. An automobile engineer has to deal with all the concepts that are required to manufacture a vehicle of any type's i.e. light weight or heavy weight. All the automobile designing, prototyping, manufacturing, production, servicing, testing, and maintenance are covered under the discipline. Different type of vehicles like cars, SUV, all type of two wheelers is the subsystems of automobile engineering. This discipline of engineering requires knowledge of all the other core engineering branches like electrical, computer, electronics, mechanical and production. In addition, to this now a day security has also become one of the major components in themanufacturing of automobiles.

Importance of Automobile Engineering Course

Use of all types of automobiles is increasing at a very rapid rate and the ratio of automobiles per person is also increasing. With this advancement and increase in the automobile sector, the demand for automobile engineering is also very high. The field provides awide range of opportunities for students in various sub-domains of automobile engineering. An automobile engineer is eligible to pursue a career in many disciplines like a computer, mechanical, electronic etc. With the knowledge of some basics of computer and little bit of programming a students can think of building his career in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Automation (CAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and also they can make use of their skills in designing the automobiles projects using various software and tools. After this course, even students can pursue their higher studies in automobiles and automotive domain. This helps students to do design and develop innovative products for the automobile sector. So this field has a great demand in terms of career opportunities, research, and development.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Automobile Engineering problems

In automobile engineering, one has to have a deep knowledge of all the mechanical concepts and also good command on the use of computer system. Designing assignments are the most difficult part in solving automobile engineering problems and projects. Some core mechanical concepts that students generally find it difficult to implement are concepts related to the piston, working of the piston, Quantities of the piston, the functioning of the piston and much more. Other than this, knowledge of crank and shaft is also essential.Knowledge of tools related to CAD & CAM needs alot of skills and knowledge. Some other problems that are faced by students are learning aerodynamics of a vehicle which is required to manufacture a vehicle for relative speed. Solving problems related to theengine are also very difficult which require students to solve much numerical based on the performance of the automobile engine.

Few important tips to solve these problems

Some tips for students to learn and solve automobile engineering problems is that they should learn the use of computer system and tools that are used in designing. A lot of help is available online with user manual of various tools. The user manual can be referred to start learning the tools. Once the tools are done students only need to drag and drop the essential features from their design and come up with the final design for building the prototypes. The CAD and CAM also have numerous tools that can be practiced in order to design the vehicle. 

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