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Social Economy

Importance of Social Economy-

In the economics there is an ongoing struggle to interpret and relate the practice of economics and development of economic institutions to the questions of social benefit. That struggle gives importance and raises the issue of social economy. The study that makes the study of social economy so important is that there is constant failure of political and economic policies to provide a minimum level of social and economical well being to the growing number of people in the country. Social economy is seen as the subject who readdresses these failures by keeping the benefit of the society and human concerns at the centre of the economics.

To understand the importance of social economy it is important to have a clear definition of underlying economic principles and social attributes to distinguish the social economy from other branches of economics. The definition of "social economy" is either too inclusive on one end or too restrictive on other, for example- while some would restrict social economy to the non-profit organization others would include the conventional private companies who contribute a portion of their profits to the social concerns. The meaning and importance of social economy is both the field of enquiry and an objective of social reality and it has been going since the last two centuries. The view of classical economist is based solely on the rationalist tradition where the economical behavior of an individual is the product of his rational choice and the maximization of his individual profit. In response to this disconnected social view the social economy came into light for the enlargement of classical economics to take into account the actual social conditions which is about to create and redistribute the wealth to a wider society.    

Difficulties faced by a student while solving social economy problem-

The problems associated with the social economy is that most of the time students misunderstood the concept of social economy it is not just related to the non-profit organization but it stands for the benefit and survival of the society as whole including non-profit as well as profitable organizations. The reason for this confusion and misunderstanding of the subject signifies the underdevelopment of the subject particularly with respect to theory. The best way to shed light on the social economy is to promote its activities and principles from the global to the local level. The social economy satisfies the basic need of food, clothing, housing, education and training mostly in the developing countries, the social economy fosters independence and equality with the help from the righteous movement of the social, labor and indigenous people. Another problem faced by the students to select the proper model which can define the social economy and can represent its cause in the best way possible.  

Few important tips to solve problems of social economy-

If the student can have a better understanding to the meaning of social economy then the most of the difficulties faced by the student gets over, therefore the first step towards solving social economy problem is to read a lot about the history and the importance of social economy in economics. There are different organizations which provide help online and can give a lot of help to the students facing difficulties in social economy. To have basic idea of social economy the students should keep in mind the following points-

1.  The primary goal of social economy is to of service to the society than accumulating profits,

2.  Autonomous body for all the management process,

3.  Democratic decision making approach keeping the interest of everyone in the society and;

4.  Work over capital and redistribution of profits.

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