Leadership models and behavior, Leadership Theory

The learner has studied various leadership styles and the impact of various factors on leadership in the assignment. The learner has taken the example of Graeme Hart to explain the above project. Graeme Hart is a business man from New Zealand who is the owner of the Rank Group. In the assignment, the learner has evaluated the various leadership styles applied by Graeme Hart and the behavior of various factors. The impact of the factors on the performance of Graeme Hart as a leader, achievement and various other activities performed have also been analyzed. There are various factors like ethics, ethical practice, professionalism, stakeholder responsibility, ethical behavior at the workplace and many more factors which influence the accomplishment of a business leader. The learner has studied four such factors. 

Leadership models and behavior

There is various leadership styles found in the business environment. Every leadership style has its own advantages and disadvantages. The suitability of the leadership style can be judged on the basis of the objective of the firm (Strom, Sears & Kelly, 2014). The companies might also implement numerous leadership models in the same organization according to the requirement of the situation. Graeme Hart is one such business leader who implements different leadership styles in order to meet the requirements of the department. The leadership style gets affected from the following factors:

1. Social responsibility: corporate social responsibility plays a major role in determining how responsible the leader is towards his duties. A responsible leader is expected to manage numerous corporate scandals which keep taking place and execute the respective corporate social responsibilities (Herrmann & Felfe, 2014). Being a leader himself, Hart needs to take active participation in the activities which involve or are associated with corporate social responsibilities. For this, he should perform activities like manufacture products which are safe for the consumers, create a safe, relaxed and healthy working environment for his employees, collaborate with his respective partners by being honest with them with respect to the business decisions and activities as well as treat them with equal respect, optimum utilization of the resources, providing assistance in protecting the environment from pollution and various environmental hazards (Yang, Huang & Wu,  2011). While performing such activities, Graeme implements the visionary leadership style. The reason behind this is that the above mentioned activities require him to have the skills of vision to foresee how his actions can be helpful to him for achieving corporate social responsibilities.

2.  Professionalism: the performance of Graeme Hart as a leader also depends on the type of professional environment established in his company. It is his responsibility to maintain professionalism in the company to build an appropriate and healthy working environment for all the individuals of the organization (Obiwuru, et al. 2011). This will help him in acquiring loyal and trustworthy employees. Due to professional reasons, Hart needs to ascertain that any discussion and information related to the business, be it any event, any deal, irrespective of the fact of it being a positive or negative fact, should stay within their knowledge and should not be leaked out. As a leader, he should also guide them to keep their professional and personal life separate and not let it hamper their professional productivity.

3. Stakeholder responsibility: A responsible leader takes into consideration the shareholder's interest, the employees of the organization as well as the stakeholders (Long & Thean, 2011). Graeme needs to consider the impact of his activities and conduct on the numerous stakeholders and the society at large. Being a responsible leader, Graeme performs his duties in accordance with the interest of the stakeholders. During such cases, Graeme adopts strategic leadership style with the objective to meet the expectations of the stakeholders of the business organization. The different stakeholders of the organizations be it the employees, the suppliers, the managers, the shareholders, customers, lenders, government, each have different expectations from the organization and Graeme. For example, the shareholders expect a good return on their investment, the employees want security of their jobs with continuous income and progression of their career (Kalshoven, et al. 2011), while the government expects Graeme to provide employment opportunities as well pay the taxes on time. Therefore, Graeme, being the owner of the Rank group and as a responsible leader is liable to fulfill these requirements through his activities. He should utilize his leadership skills in such a way which help him in pleasing the stakeholders. Hence while using the strategic model of leadership, it is expected of him to build a team which performs their responsibilities dutifully as well as provide high quality of work.

4. Ethical behavior: Hart's leadership performance also gets influenced from the kind of kind of ethical conduct performed by him in the office. In order to accomplish the business objectives, it is important that the employees are content with their leader (Nixon, Harrington & Parker, 2012). Without the cooperation of the employees, Hart cannot be successful in acquiring the goals. Hence, it is important that Hart meets the expectations of the employees. Adapting a participative leadership style is not enough. Just like the opinions of the employees are given importance in this leadership style, Hart also needs to conduct positive leadership. To be an ethical leader, Hart should always motivate the employees to perform better, in order to improve their productivity. As a leader, Graeme is responsible to assure that the employees are satisfied with their jobs; they can openly communicate to him regarding any difficulty in their jobs and convince them to put an extra effort required for the uplifting of the quality of work. The leader should follow the rules and regulations of the company to set an example for the subordinates and to create a good moral picture in front of the employees. Another ethical attitude would be taking responsibility of the unacceptable ethical conducts and taking the necessary actions.


Thus it can be said that for Graeme Hart adopts various leaderships as per the requirement to successfully carry out his duties as a leader. By implementing a combination of strategic leadership, visionary leadership, as well as participative leadership has helped him in becoming a successful leader. His leadership is affected by certain factors, four of which have been discussed in detail in the assignment. It can be understood that these factors have a strong impact in determining Hart's performance as a leader, and to be successful, his actions need to comply with the requirements of these factors. 

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