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RTMG 303 Retail Merchandising Operations

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The RTMG 303 Retail Merchandising Operations course mainly reviews retail merchandising operations. Candidates will explore different retail merchandising operations and examine the competitive market.

Upon completion of the RTMG 303 Retail Merchandising Operations course, the candidates will be able to:

  • Define retail merchandising operations.
  • Depict significance of retail merchandising operations in a competitive market.
  • Define the relationship between corporate profitability and retail merchandising operations.
  • Recognize the role of retail merchandising operations for better profits to shareholders.
  • Arrange resources and techniques practiced by global organizations for remaining profitable.
  • Explain the purpose of retail merchandising operations.
  • Identify the impact of retail merchandising operations on profit margins.
  • Explore operational models used by well-off retailers.
  • Examine the elements of merchandise merging.

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