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NSEC 608 Regional Security Cooperation

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The NSEC 608 Regional Security Cooperation course has the mean attention on the analysis and testing of the leading and emergent international institutions. The institution such as G20 will be examined and analyzed thoroughly. The students will be able to develop the skills to test the various forces that reform and reshape world politics on various platforms. The student will also be able to analyze and examine the various Institutions and centers that are fostering and evolving the new forms of global governance and political systems. The students will be able to study and to understand the various points of the dynamic nature of politics and governance systems all over the world.

NSEC 608 Regional security and cooperation course will let the students have the opportunity to understand and to analyze in order to gain knowledge after examining the various models of International Corporation. The students will also learn to identify and acknowledge the states that have most actively challenged the existing order and evolved in a different manner.

NSEC 608 Regional Security Cooperation will let the student examine various institutes like the international atomic energy agency, and the following is organized to Foster cooperation in war and terror in order to gain detailed knowledge on regional security cooperation.

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