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ELEN 421 RF/Microwave Engineering I

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ELEN 421 RF/Microwave Engineering I course covers fundamental concepts of passive microwave circuit analysis and design. Emphasis will be put on electromagnetic theory, propagation of electromagnetic waves in various media, the smith chart, and microwave network analysis, impeding matching and tuning resonators, directional couplers, and power dividers. In this course, students will also be able to familiarize themselves with components associated with passive microwave circuits and purchase additional materials that are not covered in the book description. The technicality of this course makes it quite challenging for most students. However, with adequate preparation, you will definitely score the top mark.

Students pursuing this course have a lot of challenges which they need to overcome in order to perform well. Sometimes the student engages in other activities inside and outside school that prevent them from writing their assignment on time. Those that have side jobs especially find it hard to beat the deadline. Not all institutions have all the resources, where students can do thorough research on their assignments. Additionally, some concepts in this course are quite technical; hence those students are a bit slow to learn and grasp them in one sitting. This creates the need to cover them independently or with the help of a tutor to be able to write a quality assignment.

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