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CMRJ 518 Deviant Behavior

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CMRJ 518 Deviant Behavior refers to behaviors that violate social and normative values, understandings and expectations of the social system from a sociological perspective. Deviant Behavior has varied across the world in different societies and cultures. Also, it changed over time. You will learn different elements from this course, such as different methods of sentencing and the criminal justice system, theoretical foundation, CMRJ 518 Deviant Behavior theories, and many more. We also offer similar subject topics like social behavior, criminology, criminalities, cybercrime, law and enforcement, and many more.

Topics include in CMRJ 518 Deviant Behavior:

The sociology of deviant behavior science, truth, and uncertain biology and exclusion theme and concept social disorganization and cities social structure and anomie and rationality, reason, and deviance.

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