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BUSN621 Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is the art of establishing business opportunities in order to offer a better solution to social challenges with good earnings. Small scale entrepreneurship, scalable Startup entrepreneurship, large scale entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship are the four categories of BUSN621 entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is a man who starts a new business for making money with his own risk. The main advantage of entrepreneurship is the all decisions making comes under an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur should have to take a high risk to achieve good growth in his business. Before starting a business, an entrepreneur should consider the following factors: conduct market research, identify product or service opportunities, planning, raising capital amount, and recruit talented employees. Market research involves the survey, interview, observation, and focus group. In BUSN621 Entrepreneurship subject, a student study and research about the various opportunity available in society. The Entrepreneurship study gives the students to learn the various market research methods and business planning methods..., etc. 

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