Study Medicine in the USA- Know Application Process for Applying Study Medicine in USA Medical School!

Study Medicine in the USA

If you are interested in working hard and want to pursue your goals with passion, then studying medicine in United States of America could be a great fit for you. Medicine is a rewarding and honorable career for students. During your graduation you will learn the skills and knowledge to make a difference in people's lives and help those in need.

The study of medicine in the United States is for students who have a passion for challenging experiences and an interest in helping people. Medical field is very difficult and time consuming but at the same time career in it is good paying job and respectable.

Application Process for Applying Study Medicine in the USA

Studying in a medical college becomes a bit difficult for the students. Students attending a medical college in the United States of America must obtain a 4-year bachelor's degree. Make sure they have taken all the required classes in medical school. The prerequisites in medical school may vary from school to school but have similar curriculums such as organic chemistry, biology and general chemistry. Some students applying to medical school must already attend math, humanities, science, and English classes. Undergraduate students should do research to choose their classes appropriately in medical schools

To take admission in any medical college, international students have to take MCAT test and get good score in it. Because the higher your score in the test you will get the opportunity to apply in a good school. This test will determine your knowledge of scientific concepts, problem solving, critical thinking and writing clearly.   

International students must obtain a bachelor's degree and MCAT scores before applying to the school, after which they can be ready to apply for medical school. International students may be at a disadvantage when applying as compared to local students. Publicly funded colleges in the United States are required to keep some of the funds for students from that state to ensure that the state has doctors. Applying to private schools can be a good option but these schools are more expensive than public schools. International students will have to check all kinds of options to apply to medical school.

What to Expect from Medical School in US?

Students studying medicine have to spend a lot of their time in this field. It takes 4 years to earn a degree in medical school and then a 3-7 year residency, during which students receive supervised training in their field of ??focus. Also students who want more training and sub-specialization in medical should do 1 to 4 years fellowship.

The education you will get in medicine will be for full time, meaning you will have to spend all your time in it. During the first year of study you will attend classes in pathology, anatomy, biochemistry and histology. The classes in these subjects will be laboratory based in which you will be given complete knowledge about the human body. In gross anatomy class you have to study for 1 hour after that you have to dissect carcasses or animals to get firsthand experience for a long time in the laboratory.

In class you will be taught how to interact with patients and build a career as a doctor in what is called a clinical rotation. During the class you will learn about your future career as a doctor. You will have to undergo clinical rotation several times during the degree and this will be of great benefit to you.

When you are studying for a degree in a medical college, you must obtain a high score on the United States Medical Licensing Exam before you can earn a degree. You are prepared for this exam throughout your education. The first part of this exam is in your second year of medical school, the second part of the exam is in your 4th year of medical school and the third part of the exam is in the first year of your residency year. You have to go through all these parts and give test.

Who is Right for the Medical Degree in US?

Not every international student is able to study medicine in the United States of America for a number of reasons, including the overall challenge, time frame, and cost. International students who have a passion for medicine, face challenges and work hard can become a part of this field. There are some top private schools to study medicine in the United States, but they are a bit more expensive and offer degrees that last 4 years or more.

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