Graduate Degree in Marketing in the USA - Know the Available Master's Degree & Doctorate Degree in the US!

Graduate Degree in Marketing in the USA

A bachelor's degree is a must for students studying marketing to advance their careers. There are a number of programs available for undergraduate degree studies in the United States that require the completion of certain application processes. You must be self-motivated to complete the coursework and application process.

If you want to take your education to a higher level, then you can get a bachelor's degree in marketing. Bachelor's degree in Marketing imparts knowledge to the students and gives them the opportunity to advance in their career. International students can earn a master's degree or a doctoral degree as a bachelor's degree. Both these degrees provide higher education level to the students. International students should research whether these degrees are right for them.

Master's Degree in the Marketing in US

International students seeking a master's degree in marketing have to complete a degree program of 2-3 years. Students who get this degree already have marketing knowledge and skills but this degree provides a higher level of knowledge to the students. Students opting for a marketing degree get the opportunity to get jobs related to business or public relations, as well as get a chance to gain experience.

When applying for a master's degree in marketing, you need to meet certain requirements. International students who wish to apply for a master's degree must have obtained a bachelor's degree first. Also you will need college transcripts and 3 recommendations eligible. Most graduate programs also demand the GMAT or graduate record test.

International students have to score high in these exams if they want to study in the school of their choice. Students earning a master's degree will be able to design marketing strategies, identify demographics and determine product demand. Students who get this degree will be considered eligible for administrative position in any company.

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Doctorate Degree in the Marketing in USA

A respected and difficult degree is PhD or doctoral degrees as the other highest degree options. Students seeking PhD or doctoral degree require necessary research and long hours as well as a sense of self-motivation in the students.

Students pursuing a PhD in Marketing will need to teach about marketing early in their careers as a teacher. The doctoral degree in marketing comprises 13 semesters of coursework. Students obtaining this degree will have to pass field exams and take care of research and dissertation.

This degree takes about five or six years to complete and the students get a chance to get guidance from the faculty members. International students can get guidance by interacting with faculty members along with studies. In this degree, students will have to complete course work in the first 2 years, then in the third year they will have to take field exams and in the last years they will learn about writing and dissertation research.

Students will be required to take up the dissertation while obtaining a PhD degree and will be taught about new and creative contributions to the study of this dissertation. The dissertation includes examining buyer objectives and marketing strategies.

Earning a PhD degree in marketing takes a lot of time and money and is not specifically required to advance in the marketing industry. You should do some research before getting this degree and ask yourself whether this degree will be right for you or not.

Graduate Degree in Marketing in the USA

A Graduate Degree in marketing takes a long time to complete and this degree is difficult and expensive as compared to other degrees. To earn a graduate degree, you must be part of an elite group and achieve the highest level of education.

Getting a master's degree is a very good option for international students as compared to a bachelor's degree. Students pursuing a master's degree earn more money and have more job opportunities than those seeking a bachelor's degree.

It is very important to know which area you want to pursue in marketing and what work you want to do. Students pursuing graduate degrees get opportunities to reach home level and administrative jobs. If you are interested in becoming a Chief Marketing Officer you will need a Master's or Doctorate. You must first decide what kind of career you are interested in whether you want to make a career as executive position, administrative or entry level. Also you should consider your time and finance how much time and money you can spend to get the degree.

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