Careers Opportunities in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science in the USA

Careers in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science in the USA

Criminal justice and forensic science are the only fields that include an exciting career field for you. International students who study in this field need not worry about their career. This sector is continuously growing due to which the demand for qualified applicants is also increasing significantly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth in the United States of America is expected to increase by 7% and forensic science and corrections specialists may increase by 19% in the coming years. Career salaries in forensic science and criminal justice are higher than the national average.

Career Paths in Criminal Justice in the USA

If you are interested in making a successful career in criminal justice, then your interest is in the right field as there are many options for successful career, out of which you will reach the career path by choosing one option. A good career in criminal justice requires that you work well with people, are interested in sociology, law, science and psychology, and criminal behavior. You can know about some careers in criminal justice which are as follows.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is an important career option in criminal justice that requires you to uphold and protect the law in the country you live in and serve. Careers in law enforcement are divided at the local, state, and national levels. When you law when you think about enforcement, you think about these following things

  • Law Enforcement includes Crime Scene Analyst, Evidence Technician, Fingerprint Technician and Gun Examiner.
  • Police officers to prevent crimes from happening
  • Do the job of apprehending suspects and investigating crimes


A trial is conducted to determine the innocence and guilt of the convicted person in the law field. It enforces the laws on the book and works for it and is also thought about

  • This area includes court journalists, paralegals, jury advisors and legal secretaries.
  • District attorneys work with defense attorneys to defend the accused or prosecute.
  • Judges ensure that a trial proceeds fairly


The job of correctional workers is to supervise and supervise people who are sent to jail after conviction. The work of corrections staff includes rehabilitation and counseling and this task can be quite stressful and demanding. If you are interested in this job then you will need a lot of training. Let us know about some options in the improvement career.

  • Its function is to help counselor addicts stay away from alcohol or drugs.
  • If you want, you can make a career as a warden. Wardens work in prisons where convicted and serve their sentences
  • The job of a correctional advisor is to provide advice and counseling to a prisoner on parole.
  • The job of a probation officer is to supervise the convicts after their release and they do so to prevent any other offence.

Career Paths in Forensic Science in the USA

Forensic science is a very fast growing field in which the career field is also growing very fast. Forensic science deals with crime investigation as well as laboratory work. In the forensic science field, you can work in the finance, insurance, or pharmaceutical industries and are able to provide some important information to the police force. You can see careers in forensic science in certain groups based on focus like

  • Forensic Scientists
  • Associated Scientists
  • Forensic Pathologists
  • Forensic Psychologists

Forensic Scientists

Forensic Scientists There are famous scientists like CSI and Bones; you can start a good career as Forensic Scientists. Scientists test, analyze and collect results of ballistics, toxicology evidence and work with government organizations, law enforcement agencies.

Associated Scientists

This label is applied to professional scientists who use their knowledge and skills to assist the justice system, such as forensic anthropologists, forensic accountants, and forensic engineers.

Forensic Pathologists

Forensic pathologists have a respectable career that includes medical examiners that collect forensic evidence and perform autopsies and other clinical examinations.

Forensic Psychologists

If you make a career as Forensic Psychologists, you can become famous on the big and small screen, most famously by Clarice Starling of the Hannibal series. The job of these experts is to determine the mental fitness of the accused before the trial.

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