Study Criminal and Forensic Science in the USA - Know Everything about Types of criminal and forensic science programs!

Study Criminal & Forensic Science in the USA

Crime dramas such as CSI are becoming more popular, with international students turning to criminal and forensic science and looking to study in the United States of America. Students who are thinking of pursuing a study in criminal and forensic science should keep in mind that appearing on TV is not glamorous but rewarding. You may have to do some difficult and tiring work in this area.

Criminal and Forensic Science Major in US

Students in criminal and forensic science can study criminal justice and core science, in which students will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze evidence for crimes, physical evidence such as blood, fingerprints and blood, and how to investigate crimes. Apart from this, you will also learn how to use laboratory equipment to test and collect data.    

There are many forensic science programs in the United States of America that will teach you how to listen to the dead. You will be taught how to get clues from the crime victim and the crime scene where you will know when it happened, what happened, who did it and how. Along with this how you can check details like fingerprints, DNA, blood with clothes, skin and hair as well as how to check blood loss patterns, murders, wounds. You will be taught to analyze everything and reconstruct the scenario. This is a very exciting field which requires a lot of hard work to study. In forensic science you will not only study about murder investigation but your skills will be developed so that you can know with your own hands whether a crime was committed in the first place.

Expected Coursework

Criminal and Forensic Scientist means a scientist so when you study it you will have to take many science courses as premed student like biochemistry, general chemistry and organic chemistry and not only that you will study anatomy, biology Science, genetics and physics can also be taken. In all these courses, you will study a wide variety of things and you will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze different types of evidence and methods of investigation. In criminal and forensic science programs, you can take courses that teach the research methods used in excavation, in which you will be taught to store, collect and transport evidence. International students will be taught how to use other instruments and microscopes to study.

Students who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in criminal and forensic science can take these courses in USA:

  • Physiology
  • The U.S. criminal-justice system
  • Laboratory Measurements and Techniques
  • Forensic serology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Genetics
  • Criminology
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Calculus
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Criminal evidence and procedure
  • Expert-witness testimony

Types of Degree Programs in USA under Criminal & Forensic Science

There are about 50 criminal and forensic science studies colleges and universities located in the United States of America that offer 4-year undergraduate degrees to students. Most schools offer a bachelor's degree in criminal and forensic science in 4 years, but there are some schools that offer two-year programs in technical aspects as well. These programs can transfer to a four-year college or university. This program is able to take you anywhere from two to five years when you complete a degree in criminal and forensic science.

Graduate Degree Programs in US

There are many graduate programs in criminal and forensic sciences available which are a bit tricky and competitive to get into. You may also need some programs with good test scores and high GPA for this which is as follows:

  • You will need a bachelor's degree or courses in biochemistry, biology, and chemistry
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) General
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation

Some of the undergraduate programs in criminal and forensic science in USA are as follows:

  • Dissertation and dissertation defense (doctoral degree)
  • Required courses
  • Preliminary exams (doctoral degree only)
  • Preliminary exams (doctoral degree only)
  • Thesis (master's degree)

If you are interested in studying criminal and forensic science and a rewarding career, this is a very lucrative field and a perfect fit for you. If you are interested in science and criminal justice, then definitely consider this field.

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