Careers for Business Majors in USA - Know everything about Types of Jobs and Careers in Business Majors in US!

The career options are explored in this section, what are the Business Majors and types of career available after study business program from USA? How to earn money in US after completing business degree and what are the good career options for international students during studies and after studies?

Careers for Business Majors in USA

Whenever you enter a graduate program, first of all it is necessary to know what career options are available in it. There are many career doors open in the business world and many types of employment opportunities are provided, ranging from lack of employment opportunities to potential clients. Application Time to Schools as a Business Major Decide what kind of career you want.

An important consideration for any international student when he completes graduation is which career to enter after that. Students should consider a particular range of career options as these are very essential for business companies. There are many careers for students in business majors that students just need to research for them. It is necessary to guide international students towards careers in school and to look seriously at various jobs in business. Jobs are not the same Job Locations, Skills and Salary. Here we have told about some professional jobs International students can consider about it.

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Types of Careers for Business Majors in US

International students will find business careers classified into 5 types which are Management, Analysis, Personal Finance, Information Technology (IT), and Human Resources.

The jobs available in the Management category are all uniform and can take a spectrum of details depending on the region. Management jobs are called the standard "boss" jobs we all know about.

Analysis jobs help businesses and other organizations run smoothly and have a full focus on analytical research, both internally and externally.

Personal finance jobs involve analytical business skills along with individual people and a career in this field also requires the skills and adequate teaching skills of the students.

Information technology jobs are booming in international business and, in this, technology-savvy business majors find work in a data-heavy world that varies from hardware manufacturing to media and advertising.

Human resources are very important for a business and organization and it handles the internal working of the business or organization as well as gives full attention to the employees of the company and their work.

Jobs for international students in any field in this growing business are quite obvious and these jobs may fall into other categories not listed here. It is important to first research about careers in school whether jobs are available in this field or not.

Examples of Careers for Business Majors in USA

  1. Personal Finance Advisor
  2. Human Resources Specialist
  3. Accountant
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. IT Project Manager
  6. Budget Analyst    

Personal Finance Advisor in US

As a personal finance consultant, students can start their career successfully. The job of a personal finance consultant in an organization or company is to organize finances for individuals and for the organization or company. A personal finance consultant handles not only income and expenses, but also related considerations, legal issues and investment concerns. Often personal finance advisors are self-employed, and they may work as part of an agency. These financial advisors interact with clients quite often in a year, hold meetings and deal with the above issues as well as provide them financial advice on major purchases. This job can get between $40,000 and $120,000 US dollars per year.

Human Resources Specialist in USA

A human resource plays a very important role in any business or organization, its main job is to ensure the well being of the employees of the business or organization. And furthermore HR specialists recruit employees in the organization, train experienced employees appropriately, hire qualified employees and are primarily instrumental in retaining those employees within the company. HR experts take good care that the business itself is running smoothly from within. Human resources specialist salaries can range from $90,000 per year and above, but depending on the location, type of occupation, and experience.

Accountant in US

International students as an accountant can find a wide range of jobs, from private professions to government and national security. No matter what the field, an accountant is needed all the time. Accounting is a very fast growing field which offers a successful career to all. An accountant accurately determines profit and loss, manages the books for a business or organization and takes care of taxes and other financial responsibilities. Accountant salary can range from $50,000 to $60,000 in the US.

Market Research Analyst in USA

A successful career as a market research analyst is already set for you. Market research analyst is one of the more dynamic jobs in the business. Do you know what the job of a market research analyst is? The market research analyst analyzes financial and data outside the business and reports how the data is impacted. Its work includes understanding the effects of market volatility in the context of investment issues, preparing surveys to measure consumer trends, and engaging in actuarial work that calculates risk. After becoming a market research analyst, you will need to demonstrate general business acumen and apply some psychological research to your reports. They can earn between $55,000 and $75,000 per year in the US. Market research analysts can find jobs in credit companies, government agencies and any company.

IT Project Manager in USA

Information technology projects play a vital role in large companies and are the fastest growing and highest paying jobs for large companies across the country. IT project manager plans and coordinates important programs or undertakings across departments and often offers product or service. Technology retailers, hardware manufacturers, software publishers look for IP project managers for technology companies. International students should consider Air to pursue this career by doing so they can earn up to $90,000 per year.

Budget Analyst in USA       

So do you know what the work of Budget Analyst in a company is? If you are a Budget Analyst, you will need to analyze financial data within the business to generate budgets and reports. A budget analyst can expect to earn from $50,000 to $70,000 per year. Any business, be it private or public or non-profit, always looks for a budget analyst to keep things running smoothly. Efficiency is supreme for budget analysts.

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