Undergraduate Degrees in Political Science in the USA - Know about Undergraduate Degree Programs and Majors in US!

Undergraduate Degrees in Political Science in the USA

Political science is becoming very popular in America; political science has become one of the big companies for international students. If You Are Considering For Undergraduate Degree In Political Science This Degree Provides You Career Opportunities For Graduate Level And with this you learn analytical thinking and problem solving. Here are some academic institutions of political science in America.

Best Schools for an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science in the USA

Some Colleges for Students Who Want to Earn an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science And given a list of universities that offer formidable programs. If you are an international student then there are many options available to you.

Here are some of the top programs according to that US News and World which are as follows:

  1. Harvard University
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Yale University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Princeton University
  6. Columbia University
  7. California Institute of Technology
  8. Stanford University

Along with this, as you know that Political Science is considered as a Liberal Arts Major So you can also consider liberal arts colleges like  Wellesley College, Williams College, Swarthmore College, Amherst College, Middlebury College,  Bowdoin College.

Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Requirements in US

All Political Science Institutions have different admission requirements for the study of Political Science. In most institutions of political science, students are required to take at least 1 class in each of the 4 subfields such as American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and International Relations. Some schools like the University of Southern California are hubs that swap political thought and law and public policy. Talking about Northwestern University, it is necessary for students to take classes related to Liberal Arts such as Economics, Global Health, and Psychology. You can check the website of the School of Political Science to know more about the requirements.

Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Course Offerings 

There are various universities in the US which offer different courses in Political Science, in which the courses for lower grade students and upper grade students are different. Lower Division Classes Introductory courses include 100 and 200 level classes such as "The Theory and Practice of American Democracy" at the University of Southern California, "Introduction to Comparative Politics" at Columbia University, "World Politics" at the University of California Los Angeles. In these courses, the students will be introduced and taught about the concepts of political thought. Higher grade curriculums include an extension of political concepts, and therefore many schools use lower grade courses for higher-level classes.

Higher grade curriculum incorporates ideas discovered in introductory level classes and applies them to a specific group or idea. Higher grade courses in Political Science have a special emphasis on topics such as "Sex, Power and Politics", "Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa" ??and "Citizenship and Exclusion". Learning becomes interesting in higher-level courses, leading to more workload.

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Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Honors Program in the USA

Many schools of political science majors offer graduate degree honors programs to students. Many students are interested in this program and the requirements for the Honors program vary from school to school that students should be aware of. Special classes are available for select honors students. In honors students are expected to complete the thesis.

Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Minor in the US 

If international students are interested in government and political theory, they should consider political science instead of a political science major. And many colleges for political science majors also offer minor programs. Minor programs require you to go through some courses in which you are told to get an in-depth knowledge of how the political structure works.

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