Careers in Political Science in USA

Careers in Political Science in USA

There are many jobs available in Political Science for students who study and earn a degree in Political Science. A degree in Political Science prepares you for a post-graduation career. List of Political Science Jobs Available Let's know about some Political Science careers, which job are you interested in.

Political science is a very good field for international students to study, which includes the study of government institutions and political behavior. Political Science degrees emphasize students' analytical thinking and prepare them for a broad spectrum of careers from law to law. Here are several jobs in political science for international students.

Here in this article we explained career opportunities for students to study Political Science in the USA. What are the best jobs for students after study political science in US. Also learn high income jobs and various different sectors where political science students can get jobs in United state of America.

Political Scientist in US

Do you like the material studied as political science and like to work as political and government practice then you can make a good career by doing job as political scientist. As a political scientist, you will study a career in political and government behavior to assist with elections, analyze voting patterns, and build models to predict political trends. Political scientist is a very good career option if you are looking for career in political science.

To pursue a career as a political scientist, you will need to spend more time in school. Political Science International Students Can Earn Master's Degree and Collegiate Level PhD. Masters Degree Will Make Jobs Competitive For Students.


To become a lawyer, you can pursue a bachelor's degree in political science, providing major functions in law and government systems in the United States. It is not that the options of becoming a lawyer are exhausted after post graduation. International students can enroll in three-year undergraduate law school via the LSAT and must fight the infamous bar exam to practice law in Jamaica.

According to the Princeton Review, no more than 30 percent of law students who earn a law degree will continue to practice law for 10 years. There is little work for a lawyer with negative social stereotypes and in many cases it is not uncommon for lawyers to log eighteen-hour days. This is not a big deal if you are really interested in the law. And it is a good idea to get an undergraduate political science degree to pursue a career in law.


Students who are aspiring to make a career in the legal field but find becoming a lawyer a bit difficult, then paralegals are a very good option for you. Paralegals, legal assistants work just like their professional counterparts. These works include digging up facts, researching, drafting legal documents. Paralegals are not lawyers so they are prohibited from practicing law, trying cases and giving legal advice.

If you choose to become a paralegal, it is much easier than a lawyer as the workload is less. It is a two year certificate program and after graduation you can start a career in political science.

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A few years ago if you were a journalist or worked for one of your newspapers, it meant a lot. But now the news media has exploded on the web and, the creation of the Internet and the popularity of high profile blogs such as The Huffington Post have increased significantly. But in a few years, there has been a change in the medium, in journalism even today as much as it can be. Whether it is to provide entertainment, touch the heart, or break a political scam, a journalist does many important things.

The life of a journalist is a bit harsh, breaking news does not happen only from nine to five o'clock for which he has to be on the phone all day in search of the story. The life of a journalist is not very lucrative but it is a very good option for a good career. Writing positions for a journalist can be quite stressful and the career in it is also a bit competitive. A student who is multilingual in this career benefits a lot. If you have good second language knowledge, it helps you to be at the forefront of journalists in the international markets. You should spend time reading the college newspaper during graduation so that you can mention on your resume. And you can go to graduate school as a journalist so it's easier to find a job.


Lobbyists are those who persuade politicians and legislators to vote in their own interests and include small groups, private individuals or public organizations. There are different types of lobbyists Direct lobbyists try to influence politicians directly. And indirect lobbyists instigate the community to act, launch grassroots agitations and tell the representatives what they want.

The strongest asset of a lobbyist is the power of persuasion. The lobbyist must be able to read political practice which is where a background in political science comes in. Lobbyists may have to work round the clock during election time for which they should always be prepared. For international students who are thinking about this field, it becomes easy to enter the industry by lobbying for foreign interests.

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