Study Fashion in the USA - How can you apply to a US fashion school for a fashion design course?

Study Fashion in U.S. Overview

Fashion is such a field that is rapidly growing all over the world, it is known from children to adults in today's time. If seen, fashion has become an important part of our life, whether it is the life of a common person or a celebrity. Looking at the career opportunity in the field of fashion, a lot of students are focusing like this. With this, if we talk about the United States of America, then the fashion expansion is happening rapidly there. And fashion is a rapidly growing subject in the field of study and also a very good career option for students.

Know about such study areas that can help you in making a career in the field of fashion?

Fashion is a very broad field which is not limited to clothing only. You can do your own personality show by fashion; in today's time the whole world is growing fast in terms of fashion, in this there is a very successful career for the students. Let us know which are the study areas that can help you in making a successful career in the field of fashion?

  • Fashion Design
  • Merchandising and Marketing
  • Production Management
  • Visual Presentation and Styling

Fashion Design Course in U.S.A.

Fashion design is a very broad field that requires such international students who are very talented and creative as well as people who are very passionate about their career. While taking this course, you will gain an understanding about the colors, materials and techniques of styling clothes. If you are interested in this course then this course is suitable for you. There are many top schools, universities in USA offering Fashion design course.

Are you seeking for a best school in U.S. to study fashion design?

The Parsons, is well known as the "fashion design powerhouse,"  it is the New School for Design which is formed as the best fashion design school in the United States of America. With celebrity alumni persons including Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, and Tom Ford, Parsons has proven to not only teach students fashion design, but lead students into successful career path, and rewarding careers as fashion designers. The Fashion Institute of Technology is one more prominent fashion design school in U.S., which is also located in New York.

Merchandising and Marketing

Merchandising and marketing are very popular and widespread in the field of fashion. The programs conducted in this field are related to fashion lifestyle, fashion, trends, fashion business and demands. It is one of the top programs conducted in universities in the USA, which also includes advertising, retail management, and public relations. You can consider about this course in USA.

Are you seeking for a school to study fashion merchandising and marketing?

Parsons, The New School for Design ranks at first place and it holds very high position with their Fashion Marketing degree program. Kent State University in Ohio also offers a top Fashion Merchandising program, including study abroad opportunities in Paris and Milan, and a garment center studio in NYC.

Production Management

The field of production management is very wide, in the world of fashion, a production manager plays a very important role like converting raw materials into textiles, then transforming textiles into fabrics, then converting those fabrics into retail stores and designing processes. The production manager has a very important role. The clothes are then made wearable and customers can buy them. The main function of production managers is to find ways to produce good quality products at low cost in the fashion sector. If you are interested in knowing about the process from beginning to end of fashion, then you must consider studying Production Management.

Seeking for a Production Management Degree in U.S.?

The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City (U.S.) offers a Production Management degree that will help you master the product development process, and get you at the center of US fashion.

Visual Presentation and Styling

Visual Presentation and Styling are also one of the big sectors in the fashion world. If you want to make a career in fashion then this field is very suitable for you. Often people forget to consider it and many people do not even know much about it. These are very important aspects that you should consider. Any product exhibition, store display, fashion show, enhances the beauty of that product and keeps the fashion alive among the consumers.

Want to study Visual Presentation and Styling in the USA?

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco offers a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Development. Plenty of graduate and undergraduate programs around the USA offer programs that will leave you equipped with a portfolio of work that will enhance your professional opportunities in this exciting fashion field.

How can you apply to a US fashion school?

To apply for that fashion school, you need to fulfill certain requirements. There are so many fashion schools that are on the top ranking.

  1. English Language Requirements
  2. Visas
  3. International Transcripts

It is necessary to fulfill all these requirements, only then you will be considered eligible to study in the United States of America.

While schooling around the USA can be very complex for students, there are certain process that need to be followed that international students can expect when applying to study fashion in the USA For understanding as example of Parsons, The New School for Design requires the following:

English Language Requirements

Non-native speakers are required to submit TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) results. The minimum TOEFL and IELTS score requirements for degree programs at Parsons are as follows:

Applicant's Desired Degree



Bachelor's degree (BBA, BFA, BS)



Dual-degree (BA/BFA)



Associate's degree (AAS)



Master's degree (MA, MArch, MFA, MS)



International Transcripts

Applicants who are interested in transferring academic credits from non-US institutions must have their transcripts evaluated by credential evaluators such as World Education Services, or by another member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services.

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