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Systems Biology

In the BIOS 701 Systems Biology course, students are taught about chemical systems to investigate the dynamic, complex, and multicomponent functions of cellular systems. In this course, students are taught about the use of molecular techniques within the biosciences and focus on questions such as what is the structure of the cell, and how does it function. In this course, students will also study about literature articles in molecular biology.

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Know here about the courses that are offered by the experienced tutors of ExpertsMinds:

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  • BIOS 710: Current Topics in Bioscience
  • BIOS 702: Research Methods
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  • BIOS 742: Biotechnology
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  • BIOS 716: Methods in Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOS 743: Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics
  • BIOS 760: Seminar in Molecular Systematics
  • BIOS 765: Molecular Systematics
  • BIOS 704: Topics in Biosciences
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