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SPST 621 Current and Emerging Space Powers

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The SPST 621 Current and Emerging Space Powers course will lead the students to examine the potential implications of current and upcoming space power space activities to US national security. The student would also be able to differentiate between the similarities and the contrast among the selected emerging space powers. This course will also let the student have the privilege of gaining knowledge about the deconstruction of the Chinese space strategy.

The above-mentioned course will impart knowledge about the space power battle between the United States and the Soviet Union. The students will know that while these two superpowers were battling the space race, many other competitors made their spaceflight sprouts like France, Germany, India, Israel, and Brazil.

SPST 621 current and emerging space power course provides the knowledge about the significant space powerhouses like the European space agency, the Japanese Space Program, the Indian space program, and the Chinese space program. This course focuses its primary attention on these major programs because the knowledge about this aspect is essential to have an understanding that space exploration is not only about Global Enterprise, however, for the security of its own Nation, space power is essential.

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