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SPST 440 Stars and Galaxies

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SPST 440 Stars and Galaxies course have been introduced to students as a crucial part of their space studies program to provide them an overview of the entire universe beyond our solar system. The course will help the students to identify and discuss different celestial objects present in the space. The theme allows the students to get familiar with the origin and evolution of galaxies, black holes, stars, history of the universe, cosmology, and other similar phenomena. The main topics covered under the SPST 440 Stars and Galaxies course include red giants, neutron stars, sequence stars, white dwarfs, and galaxy classification. The subject mainly focuses on improving an individual's knowledge of the natural world. The learning and writing components of SPST 440 Stars and Galaxies enhance the critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, observation skills, mathematics skills, and scientific method application skills of a student pursuing this program. The course will also highlight the implementation of certain physics principles on celestial objects like stars and galaxies.

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