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SOCI 500 Social Theory in Action

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The SOCI 500 Social Theory in Action course will let the students test in the exam in contemporary society and the related social issues that are faced by society through the application of the perspective of Sociology.  The students will have a clear understanding of sociological theory, and they will also understand the details of various theories. At the end of the course, the student will be able to explain the theoretical perspective of society, along with developing skills and understanding.

The course SOCI 500 Social Theory in Action Course will let the students to have an integrated approach to classical and contemporary sociological theory. It will also have applied knowledge related to both theories. The above-mentioned course will let the students to have the main attention on key sociological theories that will relate to their research topic interest. The main area of study will be epistemology and examining theory as Framework for studying society and the other focal points like general issues of the current nature of society.

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