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Know the Difference in Runbooks, Playbooks, & SOPs?

Documentation is used to help teams complete tasks efficiently, while TechOps and SRE focus on using documentation to increase maintainability and increase visibility. As we all know documentation has a very big role and different types of documentation have a role but today we will know how different types of documentation are used by teams. We are going to discuss about Runbooks, Playbooks, & SOPs do you know the difference between these and do you know that these terms are used by software industry.

Runbooks - Runbooks are used to carry out routine tasks that are considered a set of instructions. Runbooks are used to generate regular reports for customers, set up servers, back up databases, prepare software for production, perform restore tasks, and respond to incidents. Runbooks are considered as automation elements and have a very important role to play.

Playbook - Talking about the playbook, it is an important document that is used for worker responsibilities and organization. The playbook provides information on compliance aspects of privacy and user experience functions. Playbooks organize business information in an accessible format. A record of the policies and workflow of the organization is maintained by the playbook. Playbooks and runbooks are helpful for sharing the scripts used by engineers to debug applications and perform tasks across the team. With the help of runbooks and playbooks, corrections and audits of documents can be done as needed.           

Standard operating procedure (SOP) - SOPs are used significantly in every organization and industry. SOP is used to describe the process and methods of following the rules. These procedures are used by SOP to maintain consistent approach in the organization. A standard operating procedure is used in the Navy to respond to incidents while documents such as playbooks and runbooks are used by the DevOps, SRE software industry.

Playbooks and runbooks are used to respond to specific events, while SOPs are used for higher-order guidance.

  • The runbook and playbook are specified incidents and are considered routine duty completions.
  • Running a framework backup, deploying a new container to the cloud are examples of runbooks and playbooks.
  • Talking about the similarity of Runbooks, Playbooks, & SOP, all three are mainly helpful in reducing the operational time with success rate and high efficiency.
  • Runbooks and playbooks can ensure success at work and bridge the skill gap between teams.

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Playbooks versus runbooks

Here we will give you complete information about Playbooks versus runbooks and what are the uses of both:

1. Runbooks are used to help carry out a task that has been conceived as a specific framework. SRE can publish runbook for teams to use it efficiently. Whereas playbook sets are used to compile the teams in the organization.

2. Runbooks are used to outline specific tasks to be performed. As we said runbooks are automated so runbooks are helpful in reducing the work performed by SRE. While the regular and high-level uses in the playbook may not be used by the company on a daily basis.

3. Runbooks are used to account for changes to the structure and to adjust operating methods. Availability of runbooks in the infrastructure version is very important for DevOps and SREs to respond to incidents. The playbook is considered high-level, which can be reviewed only in a few years.

4. You can research Ansible Playbook and Ansible's open-source in repositories to learn about playbooks and runbooks. It is used for operation with validation in the document as well as for organizing routine tasks subject wise. Playbooks or runbooks can be audited and versioned according to software principles.

5. Regular audits can be made of the documentation provided by the runbook to support the technical operations teams. Documents can be easily updated by Runbook. SOPs can be used by SRE or DevOps for cookbooks and SOPs are used for recovery tasks and regular backups.

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Reacting to incidents with runbooks -:

Recovery operations are used by the organization or company to functionally restore the system, to clear the cache, to reset the configuration, and to remove the containers from the orchestrator. The primary task of the TechOps or SRE team is to detect, identify and restore the undesirable behavior and incident when incidents occur. Any organization or company takes action to identify the incident and use problem management. Teams should focus on obtaining logs from monitoring servers to assess and find resolution to the incident. Incident management incorporates information and teams monitor this complex web of information. Checking application statistics and taking several steps are essential to bring the service back online. Services and products are used by software teams to create incident reports, such as GitHub for version control, Jira for tickets, Slack or Microsoft for communication.

Runbooks help the community, subject matter experts and senior engineers share knowledge to keep the work on track. It allows easy translation of institutional knowledge into documentation.

Creating runbooks -:

New runbooks can be created by the organization or company based on problem-solving that serve as a manual for the team. Can be automated for routine duties and semi-automated operation with looped-in by team member. Runbook lets you easily find routine, repetitive tasks and avoid human error, increasing operations and efficiency. If, for example, the SRE needs to reset the configuration of a daily application, a human-in-the-loop runbook helps. Senior staff and experts ensure that processes and workflows are executed in line with industry regulations.

Here we are going to tell about a good runbook which can be like this -

  • A good runbook is one that follows the organization's style guide
  • A good runbook can be comprehensible and very simple
  • version-controlled and Versioned
  • A good runbook considers specific processes for workflows and specific processes

Keep the documentation up to date with changes to the infrastructure or solution. The runbook must cover the entire software development lifecycle. A runbook can solve the problem and get you started. It is very necessary to update the runbook with the changes as well as the changes in the practices of the organization.

Documentation is meant to be used forever and organizations should focus on updating and nurturing the information over time. Friends, you should think about the maintenance of the document from time to time and assign the owner for it. The owner of the document should seek feedback from users of the runbook to improve and update it using the experience. If you need to get immediate response, you can use dynamic documentation. Dynamic documentation includes automated documentation of machine actions and in-the-loop automated runbooks. Real-time information, data-centric and integrated of knowledge, rich in dynamic documentation and live is required to function.

Dynamic documentation ensures that runbook owners know how to use the runbook. The owner of the runbook knows by whom and how the runbook has been used. Feedback is provided to improve the runbook by dynamic documentation.

We explained you about the terms Runbook Playbook and SOP used by DevOps Professionals. Here you got to know about the difference between runbook, playbook and SOP. You can read Tom Limoncelli's Operations Report Card if you want to learn more about the runbook. The runbook for incident management should be such that the response to the incident is easy to understand. The runbook should be self-sufficient and automated for job development and operation.

Humans-in-the-loop can trigger tasks that automatically start runbook tickets or create Slack channels. This runbook is used to reduce manual labor, act as dynamic documentation, access real-time data, and automate tasks for teams. Transposit's Connected Workflow Platform enables members to automate tasks.

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