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PSYC 812 Social Cognitive Development

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The PSYC 812 Social Cognitive Development course module will help the students in exploring and analyzing assumptions and practical outcomes for the advancement of social comprehension, and a configuration of cognition. Scholars will confront the understanding of cognitive advancement and social improvement as we investigate how the research clarifies the function cognitive procedures play in social interactions. The course program particularly has priority on the "social" facets of social cognition and will supervise our focus on cognition about the individual, and others, how we comprehend feelings and emotions, and cognitive methods that affect the understanding and determinations within the social groups.

The successful learning outcomes of the program include:

  • Comprehend and illustrate crucial concepts, assumptions, methods, and practical explanations within the area of social cognitive development.
  • Review experimental research associated with social-cognitive improvement.
  • Incorporate understanding obtained from the central concepts, hypotheses, and empirical discoveries to recognize the function cognitive techniques play in social interactions along with biblical principles.
  • Evaluate the "social" facet of the social cognitive growth from a biblical worldview.
  • Analyze the function of individuals, and others, and how the feelings, sentiments, and cognitive cycles impact the understanding and decisions within the numerous social groups.
  • Utilize practical research to examine and assist social-cognitive growth, which exemplifies fundamental pieces of knowledge of human nature.

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