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PSY 4013 Health Psychology

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The PSY 4013 Health Psychology course module is basically the assessment of psychosocial factors in health and illness with the main focus on relevant research and health care delivery from a psychological point of view. The course covers those features of the social environment that impact health and illness results comprising the relations between family members and between the healthcare consumers along with the healthcare providers.

Course outcomes:

  • Explain a basic understanding of the field of Health Psychology and its main associated fields.
  • Comprehend the consequences of stress on a person's health and the responsibility played by stress-buffering factors.
  • Procure an admiration for the significance of cultural context in the health and disease.
  • Comprehend the consequences of health status and changes in health on a person's thinking, emotions, and behavior.
  • Explain thorough knowledge regarding the key theories, their applications, along with interventions.
  • Build up the skills of an adept professional psychologist.

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