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Principles of Computer Science

The CSCI N 200 Principles of Computer Science course introduces students to computational thinking and computer science through robots, social networking, data, gaming, programming, and exploration. In this course, students are provided with an understanding about the creativity, scope and utility of computer science.

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Check out the list of some of the relevant courses given below which are covered by our skilled tutors -

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  • CSCI-N 301 - Fundamental Computer Science Concepts
  • CSCI-N 207 - Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets
  • CSCI-N 199 - Introductory Computing Topics
  • CSCI-N 317 - Computation for Scientific Applications
  • CSCI 34000 - Discrete Computational Structures
  • CSCI-N 345 - Advanced Programming, Java
  • CSCI 40200 - Architecture of Computers
  • CSCI-N 420 - Mobile Computing Cross Platform Development
  • CSCI-N 435 - Data Management Best Practices with ADO.NET
  • CSCI-N 450 - Mobile Computing with Web Services
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