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PHYS B4C Optics and Modern Physics

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The PHYS B4C Optics and Modern Physics course mainly introduces students about two fields of physics that are at the front position of new technological developments. Optics comprises: properties of light, development of images via lenses and mirrors, refraction, diffraction and optical devices. Modern Physics covers the historical growths in atomic physics which guide to the growth of quantum theory and wraps up with Nuclear Physics and applications like radioactive dating and nuclear medicine.

Student learning outcomes: By the end of the course, the students will be competent to:

1) Examine the fundamental physical situations involving reflection and refraction, and make use of this analysis to forecast the path of a light ray.

2) Examine situations comprising interference and diffraction of light waves, and implement these to situations comprising the double slits, diffraction gratings, and wide slits.

3) Implement concepts from special relativity to examine the physical situations.

4) Implement fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics to examine fundamental physical setups.

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