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PHYS 520 Vibrations and Sound

The PHYS 520 Vibrations and Sound course is basically all about the vibrating body, sound wave propagation, physical acoustics and ultrasound. When making a sound, air molecules collide with neighboring molecules, and then with neighboring molecules, and so on. A series of collisions occur in the air in the form of sound waves.

The air itself does not spread along with the waves (there is no gushing or ejection of air for each sound); each air molecule moves away from a static point and then finally returns to a static point.

When we hear something, we feel a vibration in the air. The number of vibrations per second is called frequency, and the unit of measurement is hertz (1 Hz = 1 vibration per second).

These vibrations penetrate the outer ear and cause the eardrum to vibrate. We cannot hear vibrations from swinging our arms in the air because they are too slow. The slowest vibration that the human ear can hear is 20 times per second. It will be a very quiet voice. The fastest vibration we can hear is 20,000 times per second, which would be a very high-pitched sound. Animals can hear different frequencies than humans. Cats can hear higher frequencies than dogs, and porpoises can hear the fastest vibrations (up to 150,000 times per second).

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