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PHY 213 General Physics with Calculus

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This PHY 213 General Physics with Calculus course mainly provides a calculus-based treatment of the main subdivisions of classical physics: mechanics and energy. The course comprises topics, such as, measurements, motion in 1-dimension, motion in 3-dimensions, work and energy, particle dynamics, linear and angular momentum, linear and angular momentum, static equilibrium, rotation of rigid bodies, gravity, and oscillation.

Course learning outcomes:  After completion of the course, the student will be capable to do the following:

  • Sort out a system of forces as they associate to the dynamics of motion.
  • Provided a system of forces impemented to an object, resolve problems concerning to displacement, velocity along with acceleration of the motion of the object.
  • Expliun Newton's Laws of Motion and implement them in the assessment of problems comprising uniformly accelerated motion
  • Implement the principles of motion and carry out controlled experiments comprising the motion along a straightline, motion in a plane, circular motion along with simple harmonic motion
  • Differentiate between the main types of energy, i.e., potential and kinetic, and associate to the different forms in which energy might reveal itself.

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