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PHIL 1600 Introduction to Formal Logic

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The PHIL 1600 Introduction to Formal Logic course program will perform as a comprehensive introduction to the domain of symbolic logic. The fundamental of this program is to predicate logic, encompassing proof theory, quantification, and identity. The leisure part of the program is expansions of that logic, criterion theory, feasible applications, and the philosophic problem raised.

The topics covered under the program include:

  • The modern propositional or sentential calculus
  • Predicate calculus
  • Basic model theory
  • Semantics for our formal languages
  • Theory of computation, infinity, definite descriptions, and completeness

After the successful learning of the program, students will be able to:

1. Comprehend well the concepts such as the following:

  • Validity
  • Proof
  • Definite description
  • Consistency
  • Counterexample

2. Should be eligible to decipher between English and our traditional languages, and construct, and in a conventional system.

3. Students will be able to discern some of the mathematical and philosophical significance of the standard systems and strategies to formal logic.

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