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Multiframe - A Structural Analysis Software Assignment Help

Multiframe Structural Analysis Software is used by engineering companies and engineers to design and model structures for homes, high-rise buildings and bridges. Multiframes are grouped for specific tasks. Buckling calculations, rock and non-linear analysis and dynamic and static option calculations are carried out by Multiframe structural engineering software. With Multiframe Automation you can perform design calculations in Excel and link directly to the Multiframe model.

This program has been organized for six windows, which we have mentioned below -

Frame - This simple and great program is used by users to start models and frame windows are used for this. In the frame window the geometry is introduced and the restraint and member sizes are specified.

Result - Result is like an excel spreadsheet which is created by tabs. Various types of data can be copied, viewed, printed and cut through this window. This window has been organized for Multiframe Structural Analysis Software. These windows are just like spreadsheets of displacements and moments.

Data - The Data window is used by users of the Multiframe software and is treated as a view of a spreadsheet with weights and geometry.

CalcSheet - CalcSheet can be used in a very simple way and is considered as a spreadsheet view for calculations.

Load -After knowing about the frame and using the frame, adding load combination is considered very easy and effective. Load window is similar to frame window but its features are very different. User can easily access this window. The load window is used by many users to analyze, assign, and create load cases.

Plot - A display of results such as displacement, shear, stress and moment are considered in the Plot window. By this window you can search for values in place and move the dotted line vertically. Can trace and view details by selecting a designer member.

Some of the multiframes used in GSM systems are as follows:

Multiframe on GSM systems uses established schedules such as coordination of frequency hopping patterns. Here we will tell you in detail about some multiframes used in GSM system -

Superframe -

Superframe is a multiframe used on GSM systems that combines 51 multiframes with 26 multiframe periods. Superframes are used to allow mobile devices to scan different time frames at once.

Traffic Multiframe Structures -

You can use 26 traffic multiframes to combine idle time periods and data slow control signaling. The time interval of this traffic multiframe is assumed to be 6 blocks of speech coder data and is mainly used by users to send information on the traffic channel. Mobile devices are governed by the idle time period.

Hyperframe -

Hyperframe is a multiframe sequence which is considered to be the largest time interval in GSM and is made up of 2048 superframes. Hyperframe contains frame number and time slot number and is used to create synchronization of scheduled operations and GSM frame structure.

Control Multiframe Structures -

51 Control Multiframe Structures are used to send information over logical channels and control channels. Frame control multiframes are divided into logical channels such as paging and access grant channels, frequency correction bursts, stand-alone dedicated control channels, broadcast channels, and synchronization bursts.

Features of Multiframe Structural Analysis:

Here you will get to know about some more advanced features of Multiframe If you are not able to write an academic assignment and looking for Multiframe - A Structural Analysis Software Assignment Help then choose ExpertsMinds. ExpertsMinds provides you the best and affordable assignment help service.  which can be very useful for you -

1. Multiframe structural analysis is very accurate and fast which is designed for computer aided structural. One of the best features of Multiframe is that it is very easy to use and flexible, as well as includes design capabilities; modeling and analysis that help you get results for you.

2. Special structural features and framed structures are included in this software as well as you can model framed structures. Multiframe incorporates continuous beam, high rise, automatic factoring of load cases, trusses, automating self weighting and automating the generation of regular geometry.

3. Multiframe includes plate analysis, 3D frame and truss along with Linear and Second Order analysis. MultiFrame's 3D tools are used to provide a flexible means to test, generate results, and analyze your structures. It is graphical multiframe software so you work in a graphical working environment in a very simple way. With this software you can get computational power for complex structural analysis.

4. Multiframe software is used very fast and is used at low cost. This software is related to Variable, Point, Uniform, Thermal, and Linear. All its features are 3D plus as well as used for Modal analysis. Time History Analysis, Library of spectra, lumped masses and global response are included in this software, as well as user defined codes like BS5950, AS4600, ASD, AS4100, AISI are also included.

Supported Operating Systems for Multiframe Structural Analysis are as follows:

  • Windows 8 & 8.1 [64-bit] - Enterprise, Standard, Pro
  • Windows 10 & 11 [64-bit] - Enterprise, Home, Education, Pro

Hard Disk - 4 GB free disk space

Processor - Multiframes are not supported for CPUs that do not support SSE2. AMD® and Intel® processors are assumed to be 1.0 GHz or higher.

Video - Supports standalone graphics card with 512MB video RAM as well as supports OpenGL and DirectX 11 with up to date drivers.

Memory - Talking about the memory, the memory should be at least 4 GB and up to 16 GB. When larger models work together, more memory is required and this improves performance.

Screen - The screen must have a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

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CIVL3170 - Steel Design Assignment Help -

Figure 1 shows the general geometry of a steel portal frame building. The following data will assist in answering parts (a), (b) and (c) of this question:

1. Assume the self-weight of the rafter is 125 kg/m.

2. The loads from the roof sheeting and all ancillary dead loads (such as services etc) can be assumed to be 1.2 kPa.

3. The live load allowance should be taken from AS1170.1 noting that the building owner plans on having a trafficable roof structure that will be used for morning yoga classes. Ignore the concentrated action load case for this exercise.

4. WLC1 (refer Figure 2) is an ultimate wind design load calculated from AS1170.2, based on a wind speed of 45 m/s.

5. For serviceability wind loads, assume a wind speed of 37 m/s.

6. The spacing of the portal frames is 8 m.

7. Assume all loads are acting in line with the global vertical and horizontal axes (ignore the vector components of the wind loads on the rafter).

geometry of a steel portal frame building.jpg


1(a): In kN/m, separately calculate the loads on the first internal rafter from the southern end for the following cases. Present unfactored and factored values for each load case:

  • Rafter self-weight (excluding other dead loads).
  • Dead loads other than rafter self-weight.
  • Live load.
  • WLC1.

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