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MTH 1030 Techniques For Modelling

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The MTH 1030 Techniques For Modelling course basically comprehend students about how to use Gaussian elimination to resolve linear equations; matrix, determinant, eigenvalue and eigenvector; vector introduction; integration method - partial substitution and integration; solution of an ordinary differential equation of the first order, separable using an integral factor; constant coefficient. Linear ordinary differential equations of order; convergence of Taylor series and series; remainder terms are also studied under this course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the basic concepts of linear algebra, recognize and manipulate the elements of vector space.
  • Form and solve equations involving vectors and matrices, including 3D geometry.
  • Revealing and evaluating the wrong points.
  • Solve simple differential equations of the first and second-order and formulate them to apply to physical systems.
  • Calculate the Taylor series expansion and remainder of a variable function.
  • Apply Taylor's series and L'Hopital's rule to calculate the limit.
  • Understand and calculate the convergence of infinite series.
  • Provide a written report containing complete mathematical reasoning.

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