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MGMT 100 Human Relations

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In this MGMT 100 Human Relations course, the students are introduced to chosen primary readings with the aim to comprehend and integrate the diverse viewpoints for developing critical

thinking skills. The main focus is on the preocedure of problem solving, decision-making, conflict and change as they take place in individuals, social, group and intergroup relations. This course as well focuses on ways to enhance relationships and focuseson observation, analyses, and skill training in the relationship development. The above-stated course comprises numerous topics, such as, non-verbal communication, listening, questioning, conflict management, self-disclosure, negotiating assertiveness and persuading.

Course objectives: After completion of the course, the student will be capable to:

  • Recognize efficient interpersonal skills and specific features of cognition, personality and intelligence.
  • State key leadership advantages and strategies for developing leadership potential.
  • Analyze motivational climate in work situations and implement apt motivation strategies.
  • Implement tactics for enhancing relations with coworkers and customers.
  • Recognize terms and factors associating to the Human Relations.

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