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MATH 36A Probability

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The MATH 36A Probability course module is basically a mathematical explanation of chance, is a subject in its own exactly however also the foundation on which Statistics and Data Science are constructed. We are enclosed by significant questions concerning possibility however our instinct on the subject is often mistaken. The above-mention course aspires to provide an understanding of the subject which will help students to comprehend concerns where possibility or likelihood plays an essential role in addition to preparing you for advance study.

Learning outcomes: After completion of the course, the students will be competent to:

  • Explain a theoretical understanding of basic concepts of probability and be competent to derive fundamental results from them.
  • Conduct practical calculations with standard concepts (like conditional probabilities, expectations, and variances) and standard distributions.
  • Model circumstances with a proper distribution and associate the properties and outcomes of the model to the unique situation.
  • Describe the reasoning regarding probability clearly and accurately, by means of apt technical language.

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