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MATH 221 Calculus for Business

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This MATH 221 Calculus for Business course is a standard course in Calculus with the main focus on applications to business. The course is quite wide and encompasses numerous topics, such as, functions, continuity, limits, the derivative, fundamental theorem of Calculus, exponential and logarithmic models, differentiation of functions with applications, integration, and the Riemann sums.

Course learning objectives: Students will:

  • Elucidate understanding of the concept of function, limits, and continuity, and assess limits and derivatives of the algebraic functions.
  • Determine indefinite integrals.
  • Elucidate correct use of implicit differentiation to determine a derivative and implement concepts of differentiation to problems in curve sketching, straight line motion, related rates, business, along with economics.
  • Resolve elementary differential equations.
  • Implement the definition of the definite integral along with its properties, find definite integrals, and precisely make use of the definite integral for applications, like average value and fields.

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