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MAN 3600 Multinational Business Operations

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This MAN 3600 Multinational Business Operations course offers students an overview of the environments, institutions, markets, challenges, strategies, along with the operations of international and cross-cultural business; the orientations, approaches, and tactics apt for international business success; and the proliferation of business and related confronts posed for the competitiveness of the modern venture.

Course objectives:

  • Comprehend the role that international business plays in the local and national economy.
  • Comprehend the fundamental constituents of international trade, comprising the theory, foreign exchange, foreign direct investment, economic integration, along with the trade and investment policies.
  • Comprehend the complex set of environments within which organizations carry out international business and to be capable to implement this knowledge to a real organization.
  • Identify and be thankful for the role that diverse cultures have on international business.
  • Comprehend how each of the functional fields of business fit into the worldwide operations of the multinational firm.
  • Construct analytical skills for the successful managerial decision-making in the multinational organizations.

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