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LEA 413 Investigations Management

LEA 413 Investigations Management is a law enforcement course whose purpose is to explore factors influencing effective and profitable law enforcement organizations in terms of hiring, training and support of personnel. Investigations management involves the correlation between the police, police management, investigators' and prosecutors' roles in law enforcement. The course looks at how those departments support and complement each other to achieve the common goal of enforcing the law. A LEA 413 Investigations Management course will also test the student's understanding of the challenges facing investigations management.

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Assignments associated with LEA 413 Investigations Management course have unique challenges for students. The concepts are normally technical in nature and this freaks students out. If you are the type that takes a considerate amount of time to absorb and internalize concepts, rushed lectures will likely not be of any benefit to you. If the student is not lucky enough to get extra help, their grades will be adversely affected. Apart from the slow learners, there is also a group of students that generally can't manage their time well. This particular lot have difficulties finishing their assignments on time hence don't meet deadlines. These, among many others, are the main reasons students register a low performance in LEA 413 Investigations Management Assignment of this course. 

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