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IT 206 Object-Oriented Techniques for IT Problem Solving

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The IT 206 Object-Oriented Techniques for IT Problem Solving course program introduces the students to the various methods for formulating solutions to various business situations by manipulating object-oriented programming as an IT resource or tool. Students will pertain the problem-solving notions by assessing difficulties and designing, testing, and carrying out object-oriented explanations utilizing object-oriented exploration and layout, object-oriented programming fundamentals, and data modelling. 

The fundamental topics covered under the program include Unified Modeling Language (UML); Classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling.

The objectives of the program include:

  • To acquaint the students with problem-solving by utilizing high-level, object-oriented programming terminology as a tool.
  • With the successful completion of the program students will be able to:
  • Construct remedies to problems utilizing object-oriented methods.
  • Correlate strategies of object-oriented programming productively.
  • Characterize the alliance between an object and its complementary class.
  • Define how constructors and destructors are associated with the existence of an object.
  • Pertain the strategies of the structured (functional) decomposition to shatter a program into smaller fractions.
  • Communicate and recognize the notions of abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance.
  • Interpret the connection between the static configuration of the class and the dynamic hierarchy of the illustrations of the class.
  • Model, execute, examine, and debug programs in object-oriented programming terminology.
  • Illustrate how the class cog benefits encapsulation and information concealment.
  • Clarify the notion of bequest and characterize how it can be related to facilitating code reuse.
  • Manufacture a conceptual class and wield inheritance to develop a class that broadens the abstract class.
  • Correlate and contrast the discrepancies between the structured and the object-oriented programming paradigms.
  • Formulate, implement and examine the execution of "is-a" relationships among the objects manipulating a class hierarchy and inheritance.
  • Model, formulate, and investigate an application that employs an abstract class.
  • Construct antidotes to problems wielding object-oriented methods.
  • Build and utilize easy and sophisticated dormant data configurations in an object-oriented territory.
  • Correlate and differentiate the ideas of overloading and overriding procedures in object-oriented terminology.
  • Communicate the significance of algorithms in the problem-solving process.
  • Recognize the essential properties of promising algorithms.
  • Pertain constructive debugging policies.
  • Formulate code that reacts to anomaly situations reared during the performance.
  • Supervise complexness in an information technology setting by pertaining reasonable exercises and employing applicable technologies and methods ( UnifiedModeling Language).

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