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ISSC 364 IT Security: Access Control and Authentication

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The ISSC 364 IT Security Access Control and Authentication course will let the students to develop an understanding of the assessment of the risk and the impact of various risks on access control. The students will also be able to understand the concept and to describe access control policies standards procedures and guidelines. ISSC 364 IT security: Access Control and Authentication course will provide the students with a wide range of network security issues and let them develop the knowledge and skills of exploring as to how to access controls and protect resources against a different kind of unauthorized use during tempering or destruction and also to serve as a primary means of providing privacy of the date. The students will also learn to examine the risk for the prevention of unauthorized access and disclosure of the data and information.

The above-mentioned course will develop the knowledge about access control and its various aspects like components process, organizational behavior, physical security, some public key infrastructure, and Cryptography. The students will also get to know about other aspects like testing, encryption, remote access, control, and information assurance.

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