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ICT 167 Principles of Computer Science

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The ICT 167 Principles of Computer Science course aims to develop skills in problem-solving and programming using object-oriented programming languages. Major topics include algorithm design; the abstraction of the program; using libraries as a set of black-box code modules; the concept of preconditions; introduction of strings, arrays and object-oriented concepts, including data abstraction, encapsulation, class and object references, inheritance; recursion Introduction; streaming and file input and output; defining and using common list classes, stacks and queues.

The ICT 167 Principles of Computer Science course introduces students to the basic concepts of computer science and invites them to explore how computing and technology affect the world. It's a rigorous, fun and easy-to-learn course. This is not just a traditional introduction to programming. He explores many of the basic concepts of computing, so all students understand how these concepts are changing the world we live in.

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