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HSC 205 Principles of Nutrition

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Food is imbued with personal, social, and cultural meanings that shape our nutritional values, beliefs, and practices. This nourishment nourishes the mind and body, expanding the food of art and science. For most people, nutrition is not just about what to eat or not to eat; it is about what, how much, and for how long. Combining desires and needs, happiness and health is the key to achieving optimal nutritional status. For optimal nutritional status, intake may need to be adjusted up or down. For example, when the goal is recovery from illness or surgery, dietary therapy is designed to meet increased calorie, protein, and other nutritional needs. Clients who cannot meet their dietary needs may experience prolonged or difficult recovery from illness, and their response to medication and medication may be reduced. In healthcare settings, optimal nutritional status means disease prevention, and the goal of nutrition is often to ensure that intake does not exceed needs.

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