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HIST 302 Ancient Rome

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According to history, the Ancient Roman Empire was the area ruled by the Romans, the city of Rome, and the Roman state between the 8th century BC and the Roman Empire. AD and the 7th century AD, whereby a clear demarcation between the pre-Roman era and the Byzantine Empire is not possible. The term Imperium Romanum for the Roman sphere of power has been documented since the time of Cicero. The ancient constitutional name was Senatus Populusque Romanus (S.P.Q.R.) - "The Senate and the People of Rome."The empire had a significant influence on the areas it ruled, but also on the areas beyond its borders. Trade in the Roman Empire, art, and culture flourished, especially in parts of the area during the imperial period. All the related concepts have been explained in detail in the course HIST 302 Ancient Rome Assignment Help service of Expertsminds.

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