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Green Science

The GEV 4353 Green Science course provides students with the application of environmental thinking to scientific disciplines. In this course, students will learn to scientifically address the effects on nature, global warming, the planet and pollution.

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Check out the list of some of the essential courses given below which are covered by the Tutors of ExpertsMinds:

  • GEV 3570: Land Use Planning
  • GEV 4517: Sustainable Development
  • GEV 3001: Intro to Sustainability Studies
  • GEV 3000: Selected Topics in Geo and the Env
  • GEV 4329: Global Change Research
  • GEV 3302: Agriculture Sciences
  • GEV 4515: Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • GEV 2500: Global Change in Local Places
  • GEV 3007: Urban Ecosystems
  • GEV 4517: Sustainable Development
  • GEV 3003: Environmental Geology
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