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EVSP558 Watershed Management

A watershed is simply the geographic area through which water flows across the land and drains into a common body of water, such as streams, rivers, ocean & lakes.

Watershed Management implies an effective conversation of soil and water resources for sustainable production with minimum non-point resources pollutant losses. And also involves the management of vegetation to conserve land and water for the benefit of farmers as well as society.

They are classified as under:

  • Macro watershed
  • Micro watershed
  • Mini watershed


  • Production of food, fodder, fuel.
  • Pollution Control.
  • Water storage, Flood Control, Checking Sedimentation.
  • Wildlife preservation.
  • Recreational Facility.


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Water is the lifeline of survival. Under Watershed Management the aim is to achieve a trio-benefit, i.e. humans, the ecosystem &amp; economic prosperity which goes hand to hand. At ExpertsMinds we understand that some assignment requires detailed importance of understanding of resources, right from ensuring the availability of safe drinking water to managing wastewater effectively. A healthy preparation of such assignment under professional guidance shows lights towards promoting the health of all living organism within its structure .it helps further plan sensitive topic such as reducing natural impacts like flooding, so they do not mix with drinking water resources and herby rooting natural resources awareness.

ExpertsMinds also helps us to understand the importance of a continuous supply of clean water to allow the smooth operation of life, therein saving extra cost of government & saving tax the money of masses which are to provided or included while delivering or presenting an assignment. 

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At Expertsminds, we work together as a team; every level of work is potentially segregated and answered upon, thereby creating a framework wherein the work done is efficient and effective.

We try to understand queries and provide simplified solutions to complete the assignment. We go beyond assignment into depth learning, as said, "You grow, I grow, we all grow together." To understand the core area of the work is most valuable, as it helps develop plans likewise. In this assignment, watershed management has broadly four characters namely; Area size, Soil type, Topography and relief. Furthermore, the amount of rainfall the area receives with its vegetative blanket, the current water source and its condition, and other similar factors.

Watershed Management requires understanding and skill to manage the runoff water for proper utilization; it also will help rehabilitate lands that show deterioration, which can be improved with the infiltration of rainwater and prevent soil erosion. Understanding and enhancing the groundwater recharge as and where it is found needed.

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Watershed Management assignment pays a pivotal role in distributed aspects such as conserving water, support sustainable water resources which helps to address primary objectives which includes improving soil quality for healthier farming and preserve wildlife which is laid within its frameworks to be checked and met correctly as per the given assignment. At Expertsminds with trained and qualified individuals we lay the foundation for improved work to be handled and learned professionally under-trained personnel and provide date wise updates on individual topics, therein provide a team that can correct the situation at every level to study the workflow more efficiently and effectively.

We at Expertsminds also help teach an essential element, i.e., the economic benefit, wherein with minimum utilization of resources, maximum output can be drawn, and therein more profitability. The idea to teach the students to understand the assignment from the core, find problems that arise and mitigate them with practical solutions which are natural in their form, therein not disturbing the diversity and still making the best use of available resources.

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