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ELEC 310 Embedded Systems Design

The ELEC 310 Embedded Systems Design course is basically the introduction to basic microprocessors and their applications; organization of microcomputer systems; memory and interfaces of input-output devices; programming of basic microprocessors in assembly language; using assembler and other development tools.

Embedded systems are virtually any computing system other than desktop computers. An embedded system is a dedicated system that performs required functions repeatedly when power is applied. Embedded systems exist in various common electronic devices such as consumer electronic products. Mobile phones, pagers, digital cameras, VCD players, portable video games, calculators, etc.

A processor in an Embedded System is an important piece of hardware in an embedded system. A microcontroller is an integrated microcircuit that contains a processor, memory, and several other hardware modules; they constitute the microcomputer part of the embedded system. Embedded processors are processors with special features. It is built into the system. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a processor for digital signal processing applications.

Microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs commonly used in small, medium and large embedded systems.

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