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Dynamic Leadership

The WMBA 6000 Dynamic Leadership course will teach students to study and examine current strengths and weaknesses, approaches to solving difficult problems, values, and decision-making processes to initiate business change. In the course students will focus on some leadership concepts such as leadership decision making, competency assessment; Professional development planning and personal leadership. In this course, students will learn about trinity detection.

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List of relevant courses, in which professionals of ExpertsMinds provides online assistance:

  • WMBA 6000 - Dynamic Leadership
  • WMBA 6070 - Managerial Finance
  • WMBA 6020 - Fostering a Culture of Innovation
  • WMBA 6040 - Improving Business Performance
  • WMBA 6680 - Financial Management Tools for Decision Making
  • WMBA 6050 - Accounting for Management Decision Making
  • WMBA 6060 - Marketing for Competitiveness
  • WMBA 6030 - Managing Business Information Systems
  • WMBA 6990 - Capstone: Sustainable Business Practices and Strategies
  • WMBA 6010 - Managing People and Promoting Collaboration
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