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CS 361 Computer Systems

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The CS 361 Computer Systems program includes the interposed analysis of contemporary interrupt-driven computer systems. The program helps the students in exploring the following:

  • Models of computation and complex systems
  • Techniques for communication and synchronization of parallel and concurrent software
  • The protocols that make up the Internet

The objectives of the program encompass the following:

  • Jot down safe and powerful systems code that utilizes concurrency and synchronization.
  • Correlate and differentiate the architectures which are commonly employed in concurrent systems.
  • Comprehend and implement the UML state charts and progression diagrams of the concurrent systems.
  • Outline the alliance between the signals and the procedure life cycle.
  • Differentiate the comparative merits of numerous forms of IPC and when to utilize each.
  • Compare and contrast the procedures and cords as concurrent enactment mechanisms.
  • Categorize network protocols according to their layer and planned objective.
  • Assign applicable mechanisms for deciphering synchronization situations.
  • Differentiate the impressions of concurrency and parallelism.
  • Paraphrase the fundamental objectives and foundational outcomes of allocated systems.
  • Comprehend and implement systems software precisely established on technological documentation.
  • Accurately evaluate one's mastery of course material and specify chances for advancement.
  • Formulate advancement toward boosting one's technological and interpersonal professional aptitude set.

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