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COMP.4040 Analysis of Algorithms

In order to make your academic grades high and academic performance outshining, you can completely rely ExpertsMinds and we ensure you that we will never let you down in any situations. By acquiring our finest online COMP.4040 Analysis of Algorithms Assignment Help services, attaining higher academic grades will always be a cake walk for you!!

The COMP.4040 Analysis of Algorithms course is basically the development of more advanced ideas in data type and structure, along with the introduction to the relation between data structures and the algorithms they support. The course is quite wide and embraces topics, such as,

Data abstraction: Trees, lists, stacks, queues, arrays, graphs, hash tables; Controlled access structures; Elementary methods for analysis: asymptotic analysis, recursion equations, estimation methods, elementary combinatorial arguments; Algorithm design strategies like divide and conquer; Assessment of problem areas like searching and sorting. Beneath this course, the student will make use of the methods learned in this course and in previous courses to resolve a number of logically complex programming problems by means of pseudocode, with the main focus on setting up algorithmic correctness and approximating time and space complexity.

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